A Reynolds Way Shops Timeline

Reynolds Way Timeline
Number 7  Reynolds Way has always been a Ladies Hairdresser since 1967 and in 2012 became a Pharmacy. Other shops in the same row have not changed much either.

The following is not a definitive guide but is what I have made after checking some ¬†Abingdon Who’s Who and Directories since 1967 when Reynolds Way first gets a mention. There are still holes I’m sure. So please fill them in if you can.

1. 1967 Takeaway Restaurant——————————————————————————————–>

3. 1967 AR Arnold & Son (unknown shop) —> 1972 Newsagent ——————————————->

5. 1967 Bakers / Confectioner————————————–>1992 Betting Office————————>

7. 1967 Ladies Hairdresser————————————————————————- 2012 Pharmacy

9. 1967 Butcher ———————————————————-> 1996 Videos — 2003? Takeaway—>

11. 1967 Greengrocer / Fruit —————————————————–>2003? (extension to 13/15?)

13/15. 1967 Provisions / Supermarket ——————————————————————————–>

As an aside I also discovered from the internet that back in 2009 a company wanted to put a Pharmacy in South Abingdon. Other pharmacies in the town centre objected but on appeal it was judged that “Given there is limited connectivity to Ock Street, the Committee concurred with the applicant and Oxfordshire PCT in that this is a separate predominantly residential area to the south of Abington (sic), which has no pharmacy within it.”

There has been no Doctor either since Dr Allinson closed her practice at the bottom of Mill Road in the early 1990s.

3 thoughts on “A Reynolds Way Shops Timeline

  1. hester

    Interesting as always, Backstreeter. I am struck by the similarities to the Peachcroft shops where there also used to be a butcher, baker, greengrocer and off-licence, all now gone and replaced with betting shop, take-away,video rental etc.

    I am also intrigued by the reference to the refusal of permission for a pharmacy in 2009. Was the application for a change of use for one of the existing shops or was it separate? I assume the latter as we have always been told (in relation to town centre shops and other changes of use) that the planning system has no jurisdiction over what type of shop can go into premises already designated for retail use.

  2. Old Ghost

    Yes it’s interesting the similarity to the shops in AustinPlace in the north of the town that were built at a similar time. They started of with a thriving newsagents, offy, children’s clothes shop (Ladybird), and a Spar. Over the years they grew more tenuous and are now flats. Whilst it would be easy to blame the obvious (T****s) it has affected the sense of community in that estate over time, which is a shame.

  3. Kat P

    The decline in local shopping parades is sad but I guess it’s down to the swing to the supermarkets and driving culture.

    40 years ago most people would have walked to the local shop rather than get in a car and drive to Tesco.

    The greengrocers was incorporated into Reg’s shop when he expanded and he still has a fresh veg section & pet supplies to this day.


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