Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers Reclaim the Undercroft

Reclaiming the Undercroft
Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers decided that now the fencing has gone from around most of the Old County Hall that it would be good to celebrate the occasion by processing and dancing on the newly relaid diagonal york paving.
Reclaiming the Undercroft
A few passers by stopped to enjoy the unexpected entertainment.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers Reclaim the Undercroft

  1. Isabel

    I’m pleased the Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers christened the newly decorated County Hall,with their dancing. What a smart lot they are too.

  2. Tony

    I tried Morris dancing once….but I fell off the bonnet of the car and twisted my ankle. I took up tap dancing but landed on my head in the sink
    Sorry….couldn’t resist….


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