Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

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Oxfordshire Arts Weeks
This is the week when the Oxfordshire Arts Weeks moves focus from Oxford to the South of Oxfordshire including Abingdon. The nearest exhibition to the town centre is at St Ethelwold’s House where The East St Helen’s Group are exhibiting.
Oxfordshire Arts Weeks
The house and garden make a lovely setting apart from the artwork.
Oxfordshire Arts Weeks
Down the bottom of the garden Emma Cavell has a studio and creates Contemporary Mosaics from broken pieces of pottery. She also teaches from this very relaxed setting, and at Sunningwell School of Art.

The full list of Abingdon exhibitors can be found on the Art weeks website. But here is a short list …

373 The White Horse Leasure Centre – Active Arts
374 Abingdon Health and Well Being Centre – Mixed Media
375 OLA junior School – Mixed Media
376 Alison Jones – Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery, Sculpture
377 St NIcolas C of E Primary – Mixed Media
378 East St Helens Group (Featured)
379 Catherine Pumphrey – Painting

2 thoughts on “Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

  1. Mark Thornton

    Customer came in this morning having visited the Art Weeks Exhibition at St Ethelwold’s and was really impressed. She comes to Oxfordshire every year to spend time with friends and visit some of the Art Weeks exhibitions…

  2. Charlie Morley


    I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch, I wanted to let you know about a show we’re doing which might be of interest to you. On Sunday 29th July we’ll be having a special performance of our summer show The Merchant of Venice which we’re calling the Ideas Aloud show. We’re really hoping that people in the audience will create something in response to the show, anything from a photo to a poem and we’re allowing photography, sketching and painting during the performance – we’re pretty open to other requests too, for example if people want the cast to come on stage during the interval for close ups, or access to the costumes.

    The show is performed at The Said Business School in the centre of Oxford (next to the train station if it doesn’t ring a bell), and we’ll be arranging an exhibition after the show to display everything that we receive from the audience. Because it’s a special event show all tickets are £20 and the show starts at 6pm. More information is on our website: http://www.creationtheatre.co.uk/show-one/tickets#ideas

    Best wishes,


    Charlotte Morley
    Group Bookings Officer


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