See Brian Eastoe and the Ox & Bucks Woodcarvers – one day only

Wood Carvers
Brian Eastoe with the Ox & Bucks Woodcarvers (who meet at Abingdon College) have an exhibiton today in the Roysse Room, as part of the Abingdon Arts Festival.
Wood Carvers
They are asking people to choose their favourite work with a poll.
Wood Carvers
The exhibition was meant to run for two days and so they apologise that there was a mix up yesterday.

2 thoughts on “See Brian Eastoe and the Ox & Bucks Woodcarvers – one day only

  1. ann martin

    I have a range of wood carving tools and yew that my llate husband used and I wondered if they would be useful to your group in Abingdon. We saw your wonderful exhibition in the precinct on April 1st 2010 or2012 and were both very impressed.None of the family feel they will use the tools and wood and I want it to go to a good home. Please contact me at the above email address or on 01235847008 as I am not too good on the web.
    Hope hear soon Ann Martin.


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