Rolling Adverts at Abingdon News Plus

Advertising at Abingdon News Plus
In his previous shop, West End News, Peter Wiblin used to have a window full of posters advertising events in town. In his new shop, Abingdon News Plus, Peter has a smaller window, and to make up for that Peter has installed  a screen running a loop advertising what’s on. I think he will charge for the service, but during March as an introduction the service is free.
Advertising at Abingdon News Plus
I learned on the display that there is a plant / flower show at the end of March. That will be new for the blog.
Advertising at Abingdon News Plus
Abingdon and Witney College have just done a show called Space Money. One student, Jemma, has created a blog detailing her involvement in the show. She says at one point …

Marketing Plan

This week, we have put together a marketing plan. This consists of all the different ways that we could market our performance out to the public. We thought of as many as we could from college radio to Jack FM and school newsletters etc. We also included the way that we would use sponsors to our advantage and the way they will help us keep our costs to a minimum…

Free Advertising at Abingdon News Plus deserves extra points.

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  1. hester

    Congratulations to Peter – people are always saying how hard it is to find out what is going on so this should be an eye-catching addition to the ways to do that. Incidentally we are working on the next “What’s On in Abingdon” leaflet which will cover April – June: there are no less than 17 events listed for April and that doesn’t include sporting fixtures. Who says there is nothing to do in Abingdon-on-Thames!


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