Thorntons have closed but there is still Sweet Chocolate

Sweet Chocolate
Thorntons may have closed and the shop is looking a ghost of its former self….
Sweet Chocolate
but there is still an independent sweet and chocolate shop in Abingdon, on Stert Street, who do have chocolates to fill some of the space in the market left by Thorntons.
Sweet Chocolate
Sweet Chocolate are best known for their retro / traditional sweets and more recently American candy bars.  Find out more of their recent innovations on their facebook page.

I hope they have a successful run up to Christmas … once they have managed to get over the Halloweenies.  We don’t want any more ghost shops.

7 thoughts on “Thorntons have closed but there is still Sweet Chocolate

  1. Julian

    Apparently West End newsagents are going into the old Thorntons shop – and the owner is quite excited about it!

  2. Kat P

    Azuri has had a stock clearance sale on for the last few weeks, so i guess they are either closing, moving or refurbing.

    I believe West End News have wanted to downscale for a while now. Their current shop may be one of the ones the leaseholders want to merge with others to create bigger untis.

  3. Redstone

    rumour has it that Thorntons will be back – premises sharing with another shop in the precinct – sorry Abbey Shopping Centre…..

  4. hester

    The Hallmark card shop opposite has a sign in the window saying Thorntons franchise coming soon. I had assumed that it would be similar to Waitrose selling Thorntons products – we will see. So long as i can get the Specia Toffees for my husband and son it will be OK by me!

    On the subjectof the Shopping Centre, Age UK are in the Community Shop this week with all sorts of useful information

  5. Redstone

    hester – get down there next week for your Special Toffees – it will be a shop within a shop together with the Thorntons staff from over the way (or some of them anyway)


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