Abingdon Autumn Craft Fair – Week 1

Craft Fair
The Abingdon Autumn Craft Fair is held in the Medieval Abbey Buildings, off Checker Walk, in Abingdon. We have just come to the end of the first week.
Craft Fair
A Craft Fair was first held in the Medieaval Buildings in 1970. During the 1970s the craft fairs got larger and from 1980 until very recently were organised by Mrs Pauline Burren, on behalf of the Friends of Abingdon who own the buildings.
Craft Fair
Pauline still organises volunteers to man the Friends of Abingdon stall at the Craft Fair, but the organisation of the fair has passed on to the Abingdon Craft Fair and Design Limited. You may have seen their van.
Craft Fair
The Craft Fair, and other activities like weddings, help to pay for maintenance and improvements to the Medieaval Abbey Buildings.

There is another Craft Fair next weekend, from Thur. 27 – Sun. 30 October, and the weekend after – Fri 4th Nov – sees the first new Folk at the Unicorn – in the Unicorn Theatre alongside the Medieaval Abbey Buildings.

2 thoughts on “Abingdon Autumn Craft Fair – Week 1

  1. the color climax corporation

    as a kid, visiting the craft fair always seemed like the start of the run up to christmas.
    for some reason I always had to obsessively collect the business cards stallholders had on display regardless of what they were selling.


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