Spot the Difference – It’s back to normal

Yesterday at KingsCraft
Yesterday at Abingdon Boat Centre .

High pressure brought warm air from the south creating an unseasonal week with a crowded Abbey Meadow over the weekend. Children were enjoying the water sprinklers and many parties were enjoying a picnic in the park. Even yesterday there was still a warm dazzlingly sunny day, but unfortunately it was back to school or work for most – so there were fewer people about to enjoy the boats.
Yesterday at KingsCraft
Today at Abingdon Boat Centre

But cooler weather from the Atlantic has now pushed out the remaining warm air and today was a grey day with light showers near the end, and it was getting dark much too early.

Tomorrow will bring wet and windy weather, and turn much cooler …

But we do have the Abingdon Marathon and Micahelmas Fair to look forward to – so long as it doesn’t rain too much.

3 thoughts on “Spot the Difference – It’s back to normal

  1. BykerRode

    We also have the Mr Warrick’s Arms 20th Anniversary Reunion at The Brewery Tap, incorporating a beer and cider sausage festival, to warm us up. Its also National Cask Ale Week.
    I’ve just heard that the newly founded East London Brewing
    Company will have their Foundation Ale( 4.2% ABV) on draught at the Tap for the festival. Some Abingdonians
    might know the director and head brewer – Staurt Lascelles


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