Getting the message across

Street Fair
Signs have sprung up all over to let people know that the fair is next week. This one is next to Audrey’s flower shop on Ock Street – sold subject to contract with residential development opportunities.
Folk at the Unicorn
On the subject of publicity and things not getting publisicised well enough in Abingdon, which came up on the post about the young folk performers, it is worth a mention that Folk at the Unicorn begins on November 4th. The first act will be two rising young folk performers: Hannah James & Sam Sweeney.

2 thoughts on “Getting the message across

  1. Don Watts

    Historically, the fair should be in Abingdon on the monday and tuesday after the first sunday in October – So yes, it should have been this week.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. John this will revert to residential,- how sensible. On the other hand it seems that the Vale is ploughing ahead with its monster planfor the towncentre, whatever we say, (see Herald of this week)


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