Rain or Shine, They Danced On: Mr Hemming’s Abingdon’s Day of Dance

Mr Hemming’s Abingdon Day of Dance kicked off at 10:30 am today, but for the Hastings RX Morris side, the day began much earlier. They came from East Sussex to join Mr Hemmings Traditional Morris and 10 other teams, and when they got here rain forced them to seek shelter most of the morning. There was cover under the County Hall.

There was cover inside the Broad Face pub. Here are Abingdon’s own Ashnah Tribal Dancers.

There was cover under the tarpaulins at the Nags Head.

It did brighten up by the afternoon to allow dancing at other locations before another downpour soon after 4 pm.

These are Masons Apron Morris.

The Chiltern Hundreds Clog Morris from near Watford.

These are the Stroud Morris.

I must apologise that I didn’t even get any pictures of Mr Hemmings Abingdon Traditional Morris dancing. By the afternoon I had to be elsewhere. So congratulations to Les Badcock and his team for attracting so many visiting teams to Abingdon. Abingdon is a historically important centre of Morris Dancing.

2 thoughts on “Rain or Shine, They Danced On: Mr Hemming’s Abingdon’s Day of Dance

  1. Rita de Chadarevian

    Poetry in motion and all the dancers seemingly having a wonderful time; what great colourful photos!

  2. John Styles

    A day into Starmer’s government and packs of Morris dancers still roam the streets in broad daylight, police powerless to stop them


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