Abingdon 100 Years Ago – May 1924

It appears that May 2024 in Abingdon was a busy one! Here is a trip back in time to see what locals were up to:

Local News

The annual May fair was a modest affair, lacking the usual roundabout and music.

The Abingdon Croquet Club kicked off their season with a successful AGM and re-elected their committee.

Abingdon Lawn Tennis Club started their season with mixed results, losing against Faringdon.

The annual spring stock sale at Brewery Meadow, off Ock Street, saw a good turnout and strong prices for cattle.

Mr. C. D. Adkin, a respected auctioneer and community leader, passed away.

The Council Schools held a concert to raise funds for a music festival.

A rummage sale organized by Miss Estridge raised over £14 for the upkeep of Abingdon New Church Hall.

Lady Rucker of Newbury demonstrated how to make footwear from string at the Northcourt Women’s Institute.

A whist drive was held at the Pavlova Canteen to benefit the National Institute for the Blind.

Courtroom Drama

A farmer sought to evict a tenant whose filthy habits rendered the cottage uninhabitable.

A tramp confessed to setting fire to a hayrick at Lodge Hill, claiming hunger and wetness as his motives.

Community and Culture

The North Berks Scouts held a rally in Albert Park.

Mr. Coxeter, the long-serving Chief of the Fire Brigade, stepped down, and Mr. Joseph Gib— was appointed his successor.

The Salvation Army announced the departure of their successful Commanding Officers, Ensign and Mrs. Berry.

A United Service at the Primitive Methodist Church drew a good crowd.

A Local Author Gets Recognition

Abingdon resident Oswald J. Couldrey’s book “South Indian Hours” received a glowing review in The Times, praising its cultural depth and evocative writing. It was chosen as book of the week.

Sources were the Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette on the British Newspaper Archive, The North Berks Herald from the Abingdon Library microfilm, The Times archive accessible from Abingdon Library online. Thanks to the Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette on the BNA for the pictures.

2 thoughts on “Abingdon 100 Years Ago – May 1924

  1. Hester

    Re the last item, Oswald Couldrey is better known as an artist than a writer – some of your readers may remember that there was an exhibition about him at last year’s Heritage Weekend. For those who missed it there is a long article on the Abingdon Buildings and People website https://www.abingdon.gov.uk/abingdon_people/oswald-couldrey – and the Museum has some of the original paintings.

  2. BG

    might want to correct your year date…. 2024?? Fat fingers. “It appears that May 2024 in Abingdon was a busy one! Here is a trip back in time to see what locals were up to”


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