St Ethelwold’s Garden – March 2024 – Happy Easter

The wildflower garden at the bottom of St Ethelwold’s Garden is starting to bloom. The purple pyramids of flowers are Honesty.

There are honey bees and bumble bees in the garden and a good variety of flowers – far more than in February. This bumble bee is on a willow catkin taking pollen. It is not just the flowers that have pollen.

There are lots of grape hyacinths.

Fruit blossoms grow against a wall on an espalier.

There are hundreds of tulips coming up, and April will look magnificent with even more flowers. The volunteer gardeners have been busy.

At the bottom of the garden is Clematis ‘snowdrift’ with its drift of flowers. Its long narrow leaves are evergreen and leathery.

On one hedge, I saw a sparrow-like bird. The picture has a blurred 3-D quality. It may be a Dunnock, also known as a ‘hedge sparrow’ which is not really a sparrow.

Happy Easter!

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