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St Ethelwolds Garden – May 2024

The peace pole stands proudly amidst a flower bed bursting with shades of pink. The volunteer gardeners have carried out Simon’s wish to give this bed a pink theme this year.

This morning, the volunteers were hard at work, their shears trimming and their hands planting. One volunteer was cutting the edges around Mark’s Wildflower Meadow.

A few days ago, the garden room and the hut at the end of the garden hosted art as part of Oxfordshire Art Weeks

The garden is currently full of blooms and out of these tower irises and foxgloves.

A bumblebee flies among the flowers, contributing to the process of pollination.

High up in the branches of a large tree, a blackbird pours out its song.

St Ethelwolds Garden – April 2024

April has brought more floral beauty to St Ethelwold’s Garden. The tulips have been a magnificent display this year, with stunning pink blooms in the bedding around the Peace Pole. An addition by the late volunteer gardener, Simon, – a small path across this bed – has been useful, allowing visitors to easily walk around the pole

While some tulips show the effects of late-April winds and rain, many others remain in full glory.

The wisteria vine near the entrance is a cascade of blossoms as the leaves unfurl. Fruit trees are also blossoming.

The arrival of irises adds another interesting shape and colour to the garden.

On this sunny morning, the dedication of the volunteer gardeners was evident as they worked around the different flower beds. Their efforts were accompanied by a melodious blackbird and robin.

A cabbage white butterfly flitted amongst the wildflowers in the dedicated wildflower bed. Other wildflowers grew on unmowed areas of lawn.

Half a dozen visitors enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, some seated and soaking in the sun’s rays, while others explored the various corners of the garden.

Abingdon Spring Show

The Abingdon Horticultural Society’s Spring Show was a vibrant display of local gardening expertise. Mayor Councillor Gwyneth Lewis presented awards to the winners, having been warmly welcomed by Society Chairman David Bingley.

Charlton Park Garden Centre, the show’s sponsor, provide support. This Wantage-based garden centre also offers a regular stall at Abingdon Market every Monday.

The competition included various categories of spring blooms and houseplants. This year’s tulips were particularly impressive. There were also handicraft and cookery competitions.

Founded in 1885, the Abingdon Horticultural Society has a long history of nurturing local gardeners. Learn more about the society and its upcoming events at

Abingdon town centre was brightened today by people collecting for the Marie Curie charity, who provide support at the end of life, whether at home or in hospices.

St Ethelwold’s Garden – March 2024 – Happy Easter

The wildflower garden at the bottom of St Ethelwold’s Garden is starting to bloom. The purple pyramids of flowers are Honesty.

There are honey bees and bumble bees in the garden and a good variety of flowers – far more than in February. This bumble bee is on a willow catkin taking pollen. It is not just the flowers that have pollen.

There are lots of grape hyacinths.

Fruit blossoms grow against a wall on an espalier.

There are hundreds of tulips coming up, and April will look magnificent with even more flowers. The volunteer gardeners have been busy.

At the bottom of the garden is Clematis ‘snowdrift’ with its drift of flowers. Its long narrow leaves are evergreen and leathery.

On one hedge, I saw a sparrow-like bird. The picture has a blurred 3-D quality. It may be a Dunnock, also known as a ‘hedge sparrow’ which is not really a sparrow.

Happy Easter!