Modern Comforts, Historic Charm (and occasional chimes)

The hotel at Old Abbey House has been open since October 2023. The notice board was added recently, prompting me to check customer reviews.

Guest reviews highlight the cleanliness of the rooms and the ease of the self-check-in system. Some guests would prefer a more personal touch upon arrival.

The hotel’s location in the historic centre of Abingdon is a major advantage. One reviewer mentioned the church bells ringing for ninety minutes on a Tuesday evening. The bell-ringing practice at St Nicolas Church is every other Tuesday. This Sunday is Easter, and the 8 a.m. church service at St Nicolas Church will have a special bell ringing from 7:30 a.m.

4 thoughts on “Modern Comforts, Historic Charm (and occasional chimes)

  1. Mark

    What’s the restaurant like? Can non residents dine there? I’m Looking for a venue for a reunion dinner.

    1. Hester

      Sadly, there is no restaurant – but they encourage guests to use existing local businesses. Coseners House could be a good venue for a reunion dinner?

  2. Tim

    Is it just me or didn’t the planning proposal this ‘hotel’ include the promise of provide high quality employment?
    Who works there?
    Some cleaners obviously, but no on site management, no receptionist, no kitchen brigade, no service staff, no bar staff, this isn’t what was proposed… AGAIN!


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