Abingdon’s Mayor Hosts Film Night to Raise Awareness of Domestic Abuse and to improve Support Services

As part of her efforts to help local people dealing with domestic abuse, Councillor Gwyneth Lewis OBE, the Mayor of Abingdon, organised a free film night, showing the 1944 film “Gaslight”. The film depicts an example of coercive control in marriage. The term ‘gaslighting’ became known as a form of psychological abuse.

This film was shown on International Women’s Day. According to The National Centre for Domestic Violence, 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Before the movie, there were presentations by people from local organisations that can help with domestic abuse, including police, lawyers, and charities, and talks by people who had experienced domestic abuse. Afterwards, people asked questions and suggested ways to improve the support and safe spaces available. The Mayor will continue with a working party taking these idea forward to make Abingdon a safer place. She previously worked for the World Health Organisation on Women’s Services and was National Clinical Director for Maternal Health at the Department of Health.

One organisation involved is the Mayor’s Charity, Reducing the Risk. They offer support to victims and survivors, and also train professionals and volunteers who help people in abusive situations, and have a network of friends.

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