Seeneys Pet Supplies to Close after thirty years

After 30 years of serving the Abingdon community, Seeneys Pet Supplies announced at the start of February (on Facebook) that it will be closing its doors permanently at the end of March. They thanked their loyal customers and dedicated staff for their support and said this decision was difficult. But ever-rising costs and falling revenue have made it impossible for them to continue operating the Abingdon store.

The closure of the Abingdon store does not affect the Weston-on-the-Green store. The Abingdon store will hold a closing down sale.

The neighbouring business Bella Rita, which occupies a different section of the building, has also had a closing down sale.

1 thought on “Seeneys Pet Supplies to Close after thirty years

  1. Chris

    Maybe might have done better if you could park up and buy things without being interrogated by a man in a hut as to whether you were actually buying things and not just cavorting around pointlessly. Never been back to any of those businesses since having to justify for five minutes why I should be able to get a car park space to spend money with their tenants.


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