Barclays to close Abingdon Branch

The Barclays branch in the Square, Abingdon, is scheduled to close in February 2024. This closure follows the closure of the town’s other Barclays branch on Marcham Road in January 2020.

The decision to close the branch in the Square is attributed to the availability of alternative banking methods for most customers, with 94% of customers now using online and mobile banking services.

Barclays has stated that only 15 customers regularly rely solely on the Square branch for their banking needs. Additionally, 23% of the branch’s customers have frequented alternative branches within the past year. They say customers can use the Post Office to pay in cash and cheques and withdraw cash.

The Barclays branch in the Square, Abingdon, has existed for over a century. The 1907 Abingdon Directory lists Barclay and Company Limited in The Square, Abingdon.

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12 thoughts on “Barclays to close Abingdon Branch

  1. Michael

    As always it’s profits first, customer service last. I use the branch to send money to a country that they don’t allow you to send to online. So it’s a switch for me after nearly 60 years. Bye Bye Barclays.

  2. Flamingo Lane

    Closure has been inevitable since they purposely reduced the number of counter staff, required customers to queue in the middle of the floor and discuss their business under the watch and ears of other customers, and generally established a hostile environment designed to deter customers from actually entering the branch; whereupon they then of course point to the reduced number of customers visiting the bank as a reason to close it. Shameless, really.

  3. Ste

    When I went in there one Saturday in September all the counters were closed, and if you needed to discuss something you were taken to a room (as was I), if it was more straightforward (cash/cheque etc) they were directing people towards machines in the corner.

    Seems to me that they make things difficult for people even if they come into the branch, then claim their services aren’t being used when asked why they are closing the branch down.

  4. Ray

    Lloyds, NatWest and HSBC will soon follow. Only Nationwide will be left by next Christmas. Banks can just rely on the post office in the Co-op.

  5. Janet

    They will not be able to rely on the post office in the Co-op. I went in the other day and the queue was rediculous. They only had 2 staff behind the counter.

  6. Daniel

    We are headed towards a cashless society…and pretty darn quickly.

    When we get there, that’s when we will finally lose the last little bit of “control”. But hey, that’s progress…and we’re happy to let it happen.

  7. Ste

    Oxford Mail have reported this story today, despite the information being in the public domain for a few weeks now….can tell where they are scouring for their stories now can’t you?!

  8. Kelly Simpson

    Only 15 customers regularly rely solely on the Square branch for their banking needs? I cannot believe that. Whenever I go in there’s usually 15 people in the queue and it’s not all the same people. I do a lot of banking in other ways but sometimes it is necessary to speak to a human being.
    Have banked there for getting on to 60 years – will now close my account.

  9. Daniel

    If this engages anyone enough to switch banks; I can thoroughly recommend using the reward offers by banks to switch to them.

    I have “played them all” and made well over £1000 (for free) in the process….and that was far, far, FAR better than the measly return I’d have had from interest.

    It was easy. Done from my armchair. Caused not one jot of hassle…. There is no benefit to any banking loyalty. You won’t get a better rate or service or offer because “you banked with them since you were 18”. So, if they offer you cash to switch….take the cash. Then switch again. And again. And again…

    *This “can” effect your credit rating…but it only takes a few months to build it up again.

    Like I said…if the banks offer free money…take it! And from ALL of them.



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