MG enthusiasts gather on Boxing Day

MG enthusiasts gathered on Abingdon Market Place for the Boxing Day social gathering, organised by Richard of the The Abingdon Works Centre MG Car Club.

MGs began gathering around 10 am, and some stayed until after lunch.

The sun shone, and many people enjoyed the fresh air and exercise.

The cars included an MG Midget made in the Abingdon works in 1977, with driver Roy. Bridget the Midget drove around the world in 2008/9 and then from Abingdon to Cape Town in 2011. Earlier this year, Bridget went across Europe to visit the west of Ukraine. Roy’s blog at has details of their adventures, including how Bridget’s registration number causes interest at border crossings.

5 thoughts on “MG enthusiasts gather on Boxing Day

  1. Martin Gulliver

    We were there yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Chatting to the owners and then a hot chocolate in Costa… perfect Boxing day morning!

    1. Daniel

      The internal combustion engine is the cause of 1000s of deaths each year. Should they be celebrated?

      Just sayin.

      I wonder how much longer dirty oil burning vehicles will be allowed to be fondly regarded…. The future is already yesterday…

      God bless Greta.


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