Common Land

Abingdon Museum will be closed during the Christmas Holidays.

This afternoon was the last chance to see the ‘Common Land’ exhibition by Kate Hammersley.

A film called ‘Convalescence’ recorded an area of common land throughout the year. The film was recorded as Kate recovered from cancer treatment. Another film called ‘Roam’ followed deer tracks through a wheat field on the farm where she grew up.

In cabinets were sketches of the 360-degree scene of the common land as she stood and turned and drew. This was reproduced on a square block in the museum. There were also framed drawings from the Alps, showing huge mountains in miniature.

The 23rd of December was the eve of Christmas Eve. On the Radio Oxford travel news, I heard of long queues at the Orchard Centre in Didcot and Banbury town centre. By comparison, Abingdon town centre was calm. There was a star over the County Hall Museum.

5 thoughts on “Common Land

  1. Hester

    Happy Christmas to you, Backstreeter, and your family. Have a good break, but please keep up the good work next year – your blog gives us all so much pleasure, information and entertainment.

  2. Martin Gulliver

    Have a happy and peaceful Christmas…and thanks as always for this wonderful blog and it’s gorgeous photos 🎅🎄


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