New bottle shop and micro-bar opens

The Cowshed,  a new bottle shop and micro-bar, opened yesterday in Stert Street, Abingdon.

They serve keg beer, bottled beer, artisan drinks, spirits, and soft drinks on the premises. They also function as an off license (prices are then less).

The shop and micro-bar have come together very quickly. The bar was only built on Wednesday, and some window pictures showing cows will appear shortly.

There should be another couple of businesses opening next week in Abingdon: a pizzaria on the 13th (on St John’s Road) and an Aldi supermarket on the 15th.

5 thoughts on “New bottle shop and micro-bar opens

  1. Backstreeter

    I should have redone the picture when you arrived Steven. We were drinking ‘Not On Your Nelly’ by LoveBeer Brewery from MIlton which was very good. The local celebrity was telling me about how Vivian Stanshall recorded an end piece for the Tubular Bells album and other Vivian Stanshall stories. The unknown one gave me a lesson in tieing up my shoes laces which often come undone.

  2. Red kite

    Aldi leaflet delivered today by Royal mail with the post, location map shows store location on the town side of the ring road , good start, perhaps the proof reader needs refreshing

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