A spectacular display

Here are pictures from the spectacular floral displays in Abingdon on the 7th of July 2022, the day that Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned after a series of resignations by government ministers.

Boris Johnson’s time in office was the most eventful of any recent Prime Minister. It began with getting Brexit Done. There followed a Pandemic that forced people to stay at home.

The real danger came when he sacked his Brexit ally, Dominic Cummings, appointed as theĀ  Prime Minister’s special adviser. Dominic Cummings blogged about parties at 10 Downing Street when the rest of the country was in lockdown.

Russia invaded Ukraine, and Boris Johnson became a friend of Ukraine.

Spectacular displays do not go on forever.

1 thought on “A spectacular display

  1. Martin Gulliver

    As we drove past the Old Anchor yesterday we commented on the beautiful floral display….the town does us proud every year.


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