Announcing The Election of the Mayor of Ock Street

The election of the Mayor of Ock Street will take place on Saturday 18th June 2022. Following recent tradition, there is a lego display in the curved corner window of Fatface. The new 2022 model shows the Abbey Archway, St Nicolas Church, and The Guildhall, with a water fountain.

The Abingdon Traditional Morris dancers will process into town at around 11:15 to dance outside the Black Swan, Station Yard, Abbey Gateway and the Market Place before lunch.

Afternoon dance locations include Long Alley Almshouses, Coopers Lane, and Brewery Tap. At around 16:15, the election of the Mayor of Ock Street will be announced, followed by the chairing and dancing.

This is the first election in three years. The candidates will be the current Mayor of Ock Street, Harry Knight, and the contender, Richard Grimsdale-Yates. The contest will be officiated by the Mayor of Abingdon (left above), and the new President of Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers, Stuart Jackson (centre above).

I am sorry to say I have a family wedding so will miss this all-important event. Hopefully, somebody will let me use their pictures. I have written a poem for the occasion.

Morris Dancing

Thought it was a Moorish dance brought back from the crusades?
Thought it was like the Basque dances of Luzaide?
Thought it was like the Romanian Călușari dance?
Thought it was Terry Pratchett’s made-up dance?
Think again!

This is England,
Good old England.
This is Oxfordshire.
Good old Abingdon.
This is Mayor’s Day.
This is Abingdon Traditional Morris
Dancing the Princess Royale.

Old mother Harvey
Old George Hunt
Went to Nuneham in a Punt
Lost the pole and away they wunt
and they never got to Nuneham.

Lifting arms together
line dancing
cross dancing
cross ribboned
Abingdon crested
white trousered
white shirted
fabulous flowers
in their hats.

Lifting legs together
ring-a-ling a-ling
lifting arms together
hankies flowing
throwing grain together
making the harvest grow
higher and higher
pure nature
loving dance.

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