1953 – Coronation Year – Percy Holmes – Mayor

At the Monday Club this evening, Helen organised a quiz. She also showed some pictures from 1953, the year her Grandfather, Percy Holmes, was the Mayor of Abingdon. Helen intends to give the package of photos to the Town Archivist. They were curled up, and I weighed them down with jigsaw puzzles to make copies of a few of interest.

Preparation of an Ox Roast for the Coronation celebrations.

Mayor Percy Holmes, carving the Ox Roast outside the Queens Hotel.

Members of the Abingdon Council with the Mayor as he addresses the crowd using a 1950s PA.

Cooling off in the Abbey Meadows Open Air Pool – at a swimming gala.

This is probably the Welfare Food Campaign with an event at the Roysse Room; some well-nourished children with a bottle of something. The campaign entitled all infants and expectant mothers to free milk, orange juice and cod liver oil. Does anybody recognise themself?

Pictures are mainly stamped on the back by H.J. Milligan, but not all were stamped. I added the words on the front to show provenance. Thanks to Helen.

3 thoughts on “1953 – Coronation Year – Percy Holmes – Mayor

  1. Junglejuice

    The bottles look familiar. I can remember the concentrated orange juice & cod liver oil coming in bottles like those.


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