Junction of Bath Street from Broad Street

We are approaching Bath Street from Broad Street on a fair May evening.

This pedestrian way connects the town centre with Park Road and Bath Street to the west of Abingdon and the Stratton Way bus stops.

This town notice board was installed a couple of years ago and is getting a fuller range of fliers in 2022. I read somewhere that the Friends of Abingdon are helping to put up the fliers. It used to be something the residents’ parking warden might do.

The flower bed still has the overwintering poppies. But they and some wallflowers will soon be replaced with summer bedding plants.

2 thoughts on “Junction of Bath Street from Broad Street

  1. Daniel

    I see that lidos across the county are opening up this month, and ours will open in…July.

    Well done Abingdon 👍


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