Stonework damage

Michael emailed me to say it would need a heavy hammer to cause this much damage to the stonework in the Abbey Gardens. There is also a track of dry grass.

6 thoughts on “Stonework damage

  1. Michael Harrison

    The track of dry grass is exactly in line with the side of Old Abbey House. Something is going on.

  2. Mark Cox

    After a period of dry weather, buried features are often revealed by the grass above dying back/drying out. So the track may not be related to the the stonework.

    1. Hester

      Mmm, I agree that that bit doesn’t look like vandalism, but it’s funny that it’s never shown up before – I used to work in the bit of the building looking out on there and never saw it.

  3. DKopf

    Tell me? Why on earth would anyone bother to take a lump hammer and knock this wall to bits. Oh yes, lets go out for a few beers, take a hammer and knock s++t out of a wall. Alternatively, it could have been a woodpecker, bored with trees. Get real.


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