Birds Bees Butterflies

Spring is here. Some birds are flitting about peacefully.

Some are having to battle to save their nest and eggs. This thrush and magpie kept diving each other with a nest in the tree.

Bumble Bees manage to fly with big bodies and small wings.

Butterflies have much larger wings for their body size. This Comma Butterfly is resting on a path. The Comma was in severe decline in the twentieth century and is making a comeback in the twenty first century. (according to

3 thoughts on “Birds Bees Butterflies

  1. Janet

    How do you take such lovely photos. When I try to photograph wildlife it waits until I get the camera focused and then it flies off.

  2. Backstreeter

    Hi Janet,

    They usually fly away just before I take the picture too. Sometimes I am lucky though. I did have a decent lens on one camera so I don’t need to get close.


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