Abingdon shops decorate windows with Ukrainian colours

Two of the Abingdon charity shop windows appear to be in support of Ukraine with the blues and yellows from the Ukraine Flag.

3 thoughts on “Abingdon shops decorate windows with Ukrainian colours

  1. PPJS

    With apologies to W S Gilbert

    I’m on the way to Kyiv, and my tanks are lined up in a row.
    Alas, we’re out of diesel now, we simply can’t get them to go.
    We started out for Ukraine, but we got blocked in by the snow.
    My armoured column’s stranded – forty miles and still it seems to grow.

    My troops are mostly conscripts and they think the answer’s firing shell,
    But clearing streets and holding towns is not something they do so well.
    The papers back at home don’t talk about my frightened lads who fell –
    In fact, the plan’s unravelling; the handcart’s taking us to hell.

    The Kremlin’s full of old men and they send the youngsters off to fight –
    Young boys who scarcely know the time of day or what is left from right.
    We’ve oligarchs and kleptocrats who line their pockets day and night,
    They’re safe inside their dachas and from danger they keep out of sight.

    I wonder what they’ll say of me when it comes to my funeral.
    Was I Russia’s Napoleon or just another numeral?
    A strategist of genius or just a jumped-up corporal?
    I am the very model of a Russian Major-General.


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