Scaffolding goes up another level

Scaffolding round County Hall
The scaffolding round the County Hall is going up another level. It must be fairly near the top.
Scaffolding round County Hall
Gangways zig zag near where a lift brings scaffolding to the top.
Scaffolding round County Hall
I could imagine the great Blondin, tightrope-walker, aerialist, and acrobat extraordinaire balancing upon the highest poles.
Scaffolding round County Hall
As nightfall falls there is still more scaffolding to erect tomorrow, when it could get even more extraordinaire.

7 thoughts on “Scaffolding goes up another level

  1. Millihelen

    I am just wondering about the Town Councillors standing up there on 29th April throwing buns.
    I just hope we aren’t required to catch any Councillors!

  2. Isabel

    I felt queasy looking up at the two workmen yesterday. goodness knows what it must feel like up there. Still, I suppose that is why they get paid a lot for doing it. (Well
    I hope they get paid al lot(?) they deserve it).

  3. hester

    I think it looks rather spectacular – at least in these artistic photos – sort of Abingdon’s answer to the Pompidou Centre.

    Perhaps we could get the Arts Festival people to do a big artwork to conceal the lower levels of scaffolding – for the last couple of years there has been a building site in London which had the hoarding disguided as ain incredibly realistic set of giant crayons – it always fascinated me when I went by on the coach.


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