The Seven Wonders of Abingdon

The City Daily Photo Theme for February was power but I am too late for that. It is February 3rd and entries have now closed. 

The weir is one of the seven wonders of Abingdon and could potentially generate several hundred horse power. A weir is a barrier built across a river to raise the water level on the upstream side, allowing water to flow steadily over. On the River Thames weirs are alongside locks, to let boats pass, and fish passes.

My seven wonders of Abingdon are:
* Abingdon Weir
* The County Hall
* Abingdon Bridge
* St Helen’s Church
* Long Alley Almshouse
* Abbey Buildings
* Albert Park

Here is a short video of the weir to show it deserves to be in the top seven.

9 thoughts on “The Seven Wonders of Abingdon

  1. Sarah Smith

    When I’m queen, all weirs with drops of more than 3 ft will have turbines. And multitudinous tidal pools with turbines. All small and manageable. I have many other plans … but they mostly involve grammar and are punishable by death.

    1. Daniel

      turbine was mooted before. But the vitriol against it was biblical…thankfully we have an abundance of cheap energy in the country so we needn’t worry about getting any more, or getting it from local and sustainable sources.

  2. Chris John

    The last turbine plan was a shambles and a pipe dream by those that didn’t have a clue on how to plan, manage or implement such a project……..and then they ripped down a load of trees!

  3. Sarah Smith

    The last turbine plan had honourable intentions but was stymied at every step by naysayers who gloried in its failure. A dreadful shame.

    1. Chris John

      Good intentions yes…..but installation was unworkable……..and then they ripped down a whole lot of trees without permission. Shambles

  4. ainia

    Surely there should be ten, and the additional three share a name: Mason’s. Definitely worth a visit to Abingdon.


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