First house at Abbey Fields and road name at Kings Gate

There was an article in the Abingdon HeraldĀ  saying ‘Abingdon school boy has chosen the name of a new development’ Abbey Fields. It is an excellent name. There has been excitement around the Dunmore Road area because the first houses have appeared at Abbey Fields.

The housebuilder is Barratt, well known to some of us for their 1970s helicopter adverts.

Meanwhile at Kings Gate the first houses have been occupied.

The road into the estate has been called Morgan Vale after former Mayor and Freeman of Abingdon, Janet Morgan. The Oxford Mail had an obituary.

2 thoughts on “First house at Abbey Fields and road name at Kings Gate

  1. Sarah Smith

    I always think that the default setting for the names of estates and their roads, unless something better comes along as in this case, should be the original name of the field itself; it would keep the history of the land alive.


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