Albert Park walk with some frost and musings

A lot of the frost had melted when I walked round the park, but it did seem to stay longer on the bowling green than other grass. Not sure I can explain that.

Frost in the long shadow of the Albert Memorial was also taking longer to melt. I should think it is warmer where the sun shines.

A bush with pink / red berries is popular with all sorts of birds. Somebody might recognise the bush.

Scattered light through branches is reflected by mist to make shafts of light?

6 thoughts on “Albert Park walk with some frost and musings

  1. PPJS

    Because the bowling green will have been rolled for many years, the underlying soil may be more compacted and so less likely to thaw as quickly.

  2. PPJS

    “Roll it and cut it every day for 500 years, sir.” Response to tourist asking same question of an Oxford College gardener.


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