Heavy Rainfall early afternoon

There was a lot of rain this afternoon which left standing water on many roads and paths in Abingdon. At the top of East St Helen Street the run off from the Punchbowl and adjoining shops helped to cause a flash flood. The drainage never seems that good at that water juncture.

At Nic’s church water gushed out of the spouts of the gargoyles and so avoids splashing the building. There is the chance it will hit anybody not looking.

16 thoughts on “Heavy Rainfall early afternoon

  1. Janet

    Abingdon may be named as not a very nice place to live on the satirical web site ilivehere.co.uk Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire is currently in the lead for the worst town to live in, with Didcot not too far behind.
    Though Abingdon has had only a few votes and is quite low on the scoreboard – which is technically a good thing – people don’t have a lot of nice things to say. One comment describes Abingdon as “Oxford’s aggressive, ugly little brother that no one goes near, primarily for the fear that he will hurl abuse upon sight, steal your handbag, or even better, stab you”. In the same review, this person said: “This breed has reached a certain level of intelligence I feel to pose a threat, whereby they plan co-ordinated attacks.”

    1. Annabel Gaskell

      Janet – you said it yourself in your comment – this is a ‘SATIRICAL’ website. It’s not going to say anything nice about anywhere and it’s rather out of date.
      It’d be lovely to see you have something nice to say about the town for a change.

    2. Colin

      Janet – you always focus on the negative! As pointed out, this is a satirical website. In addition, people who take the time to review items/places/holidays etc are by and large people who have negative experiences and don’t reliably reflect the general opinion or experience of most people

  2. Hester

    It seems a shame to share such negative comments, especially since as you say “Abingdon has had only a few votes and is quite low on the scoreboard”.
    Maybe you could also share some of the very positive comments which consistently appear on Facebook with people of all ages saying how much they enjoy living here?
    Over the last year or two there have been a lot of young people moving in to the area to take up employment and this is likely to increase in the coming months. These are people who have chosen to live in the town as it is now, warts and all. I get the impression that many of the negative comments are from people who live here because of their parents’ choices or from those who have lived here for many years and are nostalgic for “the old days”. Let us hope that we don’t put off newcomers and give them every encouragement to make the town the lively place it should be.

  3. Backstreeter

    Hi Janet, That satirical website has been saying that for at least fifteen years about Abingdon. The ‘ ABINGDON: OXFORD’S AGGRESSIVE, UGLY LITTLE BROTHER THAT MAY STAB YOU’ is funny but written during Abingdon’s neanderthal era.

  4. Janet

    What do you mean, shame on you? I did not write it. It was reported in the media and it is very derogatory and over the top.

  5. Michael

    I’m glad you said that Janet – it sounded as if you agreed with it. And I wish people wouldn’t post comments that are totally unrelated to the news report concerned. This site is not a free-for-all for people to say what they like, as I’m sure Backstreeter would agree. It is disrespectful to him and his efforts if people use this facility as a general blog platform. There are plenty of these available elsewhere.

  6. Janet

    What is the matter with people today? Oxford student union will not invite speakers that are thought to be controversial. Publications are banned that mention anything that is not P C. Are we becoming a society that looks at the world through rose coloured glasses?

    1. John

      I’m assuming you replying with something totally unrelated to the post or your previous comments was on purpose?

  7. Flamingo Lane

    For what it’s worth, I thought I’d say that I moved to Abingdon to live in 1998, and notwithstanding it’s imperfections I find it to be a nicer and generally more agreeable place to live now than I did when I moved here; and that generally speaking, it has gotten better year on year.

    1. Daniel

      I’d have to agree Flamingo….I only moved here in early 2000s; and despite the traffic one way system decimating the town (could have been reverted, but wasn’t) and the £18000 spent on 4 trees in the market square, the debacle over the Gaol, crazy unsustainable development with zero infrastructure (and even less planning control), a highways sign on the A34 highlighting Tesco – but not the oldest market town in England, the continued issue surrounding the Lodge Hill interchange; and, lest we forget, a lift at the glorious County Hall that only goes down but not up…I too have chosen to live here…and am still glad I did. 😊.

      I’m not sure I understand what imperfections you’re referring to though…?


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