Ock Street – 1972 hunt and Today flowers

Thankyou to Colin and Jenny for another picture of the Boxing Day Hunt which Jenny says was in 1972.

Today, the pink gate next to Coxeters was open and there was a new plant and flower seller.

He has winter plants such as cyclamen, and bunches of cut flowers. It is at the same location as Richard Matthews used to have a satellite flower stall.

Another new business, Starbucks opened today on the Market Place. I believe businesses request permission from the Town Council to put out tables and chairs on the cobbles. Starbucks, if they wish, might ask to use the cobbles between Costa and R&R.

12 thoughts on “Ock Street – 1972 hunt and Today flowers

  1. Janet

    Criminal activity in Abingdon. A street light has been out at the back of our house for months. It has been reported to Oxfordshire County Council three times. It is very dark on the back road where the light is in South Abingdon. I have just spoken to my next door neighbour. He said that on Monday night he heard a noise around 1.30pm at night and looked out of the bedroom window and saw two men trying to break into his house. I have just phoned Oxfordshire County Council street lighting department saying that this light has been out for months and now is attracting criminal activity. We are pensioners and do not want people trying to break into our house. I was greeted with indifference. The street lighting department just do not care if there is a light out and attracting criminal activity and vulnerable people are affected. If this is the level of service that Oxfordshire County Council offer than god help everyone.

    1. Chris John

      A street light being on will not stop someone breaking into a house. There’s very little chance of the police doing anything and if they do get caught it’ll be a slap on the wrist. Not enough police and a criminal justice system that’s broken, all compounded by the pandemic. Criminals almost have a free reign.

  2. Anne D

    We may not have been able to prevent Starbucks coming to Abingdon but it is still in our own hands as to where we drink coffee and meet friends. The local independent coffee shops have a stake in the local community and pay their taxes fairly . . . . . .

  3. Steve2

    Throwing Buns, R and R, Java and Annie’s at the Boathouse (to name but 4) all do nice tea, coffee and other food and drink.

  4. John

    I understand what you’re all saying about using local but most of these chain coffee shops are franchises so may well be owned by a local even though they have a big name over the door.

    There’s clearly enough people in Abingdon and the surrounding area to use them as they all appear to be busy.

  5. DavidofRugby

    re: shops coming and going, I hear that Prices in Stert street has gone (or is going). I have very fond memories of them tracking down an obscure size of address label so that I could print out from an old mailing list without having to reformat the whole thing. They were really really helpful and seemed to stock almost everything. ~

    A real loss to the town.


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