Father Christmas returns and More Carols

Father Christmas returned for the second week in a row on the Market Place. It is not all public appearances. Research is an important part of his job. He remembers 1998 when he, and a lot of parents, got caught out with no Furby. By 1999 Furbys were easy to get but children had moved on to Gameboys and Pokémon.

Carol Singers were on the Market Place for the second day in a row. Here is a short extract of both the Saturday and Friday carol singers …

12 thoughts on “Father Christmas returns and More Carols

  1. Daniel

    Apologies to hijack but I can’t find the details anywhere else…

    Are there queues for booked booster appointments at the Kassam, does anyone know?

    1. Daniel

      Thank you Iain, that option didn’t come up on the booking site…but Kassam did..

      I saw the queue their though, and friends said it took about an hour. I was wondering if the Kassam was the same, but other friends have said it’s a fairly slick operation there…

  2. Janet

    I remember when I first moved to Abingdon the Salvation Army brass band used to come around the houses in South Abingdon. They even used to set up on the green and play. We don’t see them any more. Perhaps the band is no more.

  3. Daniel

    There was a short and swift queue at Kassam…

    Alas … No where that I searched on NHS did I see that it says if anyone in your household has a positive PCR test that you SHOULDN’T have your booster until their isolation has finished… So …it was all a bit moot anyway!

    In other news…I see Witney high Street has been more permanently closed to traffic… Watch now as Witney falters too…

    1. Colin

      Daniel if someone in your household has tested positive you should be isolating not galavanting around and standing in Queues

  4. Daniel

    No, that is entirely incorrect Colin.

    The rules, the information, and the advice all over the NHS websites are that self isolation is, in certain (expressly detailed) circumstances, not necessary.

    I wouldn’t have gone if I thought otherwise, or if the information told me not to.

    As well as that, the information WAS advising we get boosted as soon as possible.

    I was only doing what was advised, and what I was allowed.

    No galavanting was involved, and as galavanting means moving around for pleasure…it is an equally inaccurate description of today’s efforts to try and do “what I thought I was supposed to”.

    1. Daniel

      Colin, just picking up on this.

      As well as the NHS website, I have now also had my telephone follow-up call (for my son) from NHS Test and Trace; and they also confirmed that going out for us is/was entirely acceptable (within the criteria of the rules).

      Either you are wrong on purpose, or in error.

      I hope I have clarified if it were the latter.

  5. Colin

    Daniel, I was referring to common sense. I whole heartedly disagree with the current rules. In my opinion it is reckless for close contacts of confirmed covid cases to not isolate given the much higher likelihood of them catching it and transmitting it before they have symptoms or test positive themselves.

    But that is just my opinion

  6. Daniel

    Colin, that is entirely fair enough, everyone’s entitled to my opinions, as we are yours. ☺️

    There’s so much fact and bunkham out there that we can no longer rely on “the truth”; merely what we choose to believe. We all need to draw our own personal line in the sand…

    You have your opinion, and therefore rules you choose to live by, and I have mine. I just got mine from the NHS website. But that’s my personal line in that sand. Yours may be different

    Stay safe Colin.


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