Abbey Fish Ponds – December 2021

This was my final monthly visit to the Abbey Fish Ponds Nature Reserve.  On entering somebody saw me taking a picture and asked what I’d seen.

It was a Wood Pigeon so nothing to boast about. But he told me how he had seen foxes and three sorts of deer. I said ‘wow’ and looked for deer but saw none.

A lot of reeds and branches have been cut back and leaves have fallen and as a result there were more birds to be seen and heard.

An Egret flew out from the stream and landed in a tree.

Although common it is still good to see a Robin.

Starlings were gathering in one of the trees at around 3pm. They took off and will probably be joining up with even bigger groups of starlings for their cloak turning murmurations.

A lot of the reeds and sedge have been cut down but there were still places with reeds.

Most of the reed is under the ground, as roots and rhizomes. Green spears are poking up even in December.

P.S. I got a call from Newcomer asking to be shown round the Abbey Fish Ponds. So there could be a bonus visit early next year. I might even do a recording as we explore with David Attenborough voices.

4 thoughts on “Abbey Fish Ponds – December 2021

  1. PPJS

    Thanks for this series, Backstreeter. As always the photography is excellent and the accompanying script is informative and (for me) and awareness-raiser.

  2. Janet

    Now I know where all the birds have gone. i have put bird feeders out in my garden in South Abingdon and there has not been one bird to be seen ecept for a couple of magpies and a few wood pidgeons. I once voluntered to complete a bird survey for the RSPB where you have to log the birds in your garden on one particular day. NO birds were in my garden on that day.

    1. Hester

      That’s a shame Janet. The magpies may be scaring the others off. Not an easy solution, but we find that the birds really love bushes, shrubs, plants with seed-heads, places they can dig for grubs etc – they are more interested in all of these than feeders. That’s my excuse for having an untidy garden rather than a beautifully manicured one!


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