Today the tree was decorated

Today the tree on the Market Place was decorated and the festive candles were put up.

Across the Market Place, work is underway to create a Starbucks where M&Co once were.

On Stert Street, Missing Bean were moving in rails of clothes and have put up a notice that says ‘Take – two : New & preloved boutique.’

Some of the town lights came on this evening and the rest will soon follow.

P.S. A sign in the window says that “take-two” is a pop-up shop open every Thursday from 5 to 8pm. Thanks to Martin for pointing that out.

8 thoughts on “Today the tree was decorated

  1. Michael

    It’s just bonkers opening up all these cafes. The big boys muscle in and an independent one closes down after a few months. Why can’t we have some proper shops?

    1. Hester

      Because no “proper shops” want to take up the empty units, whereas cafes do! It is the same in nearly every other town at present.

    1. Hester

      I’m not sure, but I thought that they do the “pre-loved sales” as an occasional sideline to their cafe activity. However under new planning relaxations introduced recently, there are no restrictions on change of use between cafes and retail so who knows….

  2. Daniel

    Well…with a tree THAT good and stricter, tougher, more officious parking enforcement, it’s a wonder the town isn’t more busy!

    “Proper shops” abound in various towns around the country. It’s not magic. But it does require better management than that which continues (15 yrs plus that I’m aware of) to oversee our town.

    Can’t someone employ a consultant?


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