What the Abingdon Roundabout Monk has not been thinking today

The monk on the roundabout was looking thoughtful today but I suspect no sights or thoughts pass through that wooden head

He will not have seen that petrol prices are higher than they have ever been, and think they could be higher tomorrow.

He will not have seen the larger visual display units on the bus stops in Abingdon, and think they used to be half that size.

He will not be  thinking about Black Friday on Friday, 26th November, and how it might be a good time to buy a 50 inch ultra HD TV so that he can watch something other than traffic. He  could have caught up on such Monkish Classics on BBC iPlayer as Brotherhood: The Inner Life of Monks.

7 thoughts on “What the Abingdon Roundabout Monk has not been thinking today

  1. Janet

    Will he be thinking when is the multistory car park in Abingdon going to open again so that people who have to attend the Malthouse Surgery can park near it?

    1. Red kite

      There is a planning application posted for an 86 room Premier Inn on the site of the old Tesco Garden centre, does the town need 2 Premier Inns or would the Ock mill Inn close.
      More traffic for a congested corner of the town, suprised they haven’t included another coffee shop as there aren’t many in that area !!!

  2. Badger

    He also won’t have noticed that Sovereign Housing vacated their offices in the Vineyard a while back and the place is now up for sale or rent and he also won’t have noticed that without people to watch over them some of their properties around the town are beginning to accumulate quite a bit of mess around them.

  3. Jill

    No doubt thinking that —- as I am the first thing visitors to Abingdon see as they approach the town, perhaps someone could smarten up me and the roundabout !

    1. Badger

      Ah well, the roundabouts used to be sponsored by individual local firms in exchange for a small sign in acknowledgment on ‘their’ roundabout… that scheme seems to have fallen by the wayside.


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