When you visit the Christmas Fayre at Abingdon Baptist Church

The Christmas Fayre at the Baptist Church was on, today, Saturday 20th November 2021. On entering, a man with a top hat and face mask gives you a card, with the times of the services this Christmas time, and a token for a free drink at the 35 Ock Street Cafe.

Through the door, and up to the balcony and this is the view: a cross, five Christmas trees, a red carpet, and stalls.

Then you go downstairs to look round the stalls and buy some books and a jigsaw. You are tempted by a knitted octopus but then think, ‘what would I do with it?’.

On the way out you pick up Contact, the monthly magazine of Abingdon Baptist Church. There is a message from the minister, Steve Millard. It says, ‘As I’m sure most of you are aware, Heather and I will be moving at the end of November; we are moving to Coventry, and I take up my role as Minister of Laurence Saunders Road Baptist Church on 1 December…’.

You go into the 35 Ock Street Cafe and have a quick look at the exhibition and see Steve Millard.

Finally, you get your coffee and find a place to read the rest of the Contact magazine.

17 thoughts on “When you visit the Christmas Fayre at Abingdon Baptist Church

  1. Chris John

    Such a shame that one person in the main photo couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask with daily infections at 40k plus. Very inconsiderate of her

  2. PeterDel

    @Chris. I examined the images using Photoshop Elements; if you are referring to the lady in the first image, she is wearing a mask. An elderly lady in the second is not wearing a mask, but may be exempt.

    1. Chris John

      Second photo. Dark coloured coat to the right of the main group. All this exempt stuff is utter rubbish. If people are that ill that they can’t wear a thin paper mask with infection rates at 40k a day then they shouldn’t be out.

    1. Daniel

      …I did it the other way, and only counted those that I could easily tell had a mask.

      *I’m not really fussed…I was just musing after the other earlier comment.

        1. Chris John

          Ah so every other country in the world has got it wrong and this country is right then? Why don’t you look it up. It’s there for you to see but of course you’ll have to open your eyes however I suspect you are one of those that doesn’t want to!!

          1. Julian Annells

            Chris John. You mean like Germany, who wear medical grade masks? (As opposed to our flimsy non-regulated flimsy paper masks, or dirty bits of cloth!) And Germany who have one of the highest Covid rates?
            China have been using masks for years, so how did this virus spread in China, let alone around the world?
            I would suggest that it is you who is blind to facts.
            Try getting your “facts” from somewhere other than the BBC!

  3. Steven

    Julian – Don’ know where you get your information, but UK has higher rates than the rest of Europe. The latest data I can find today (from 21st November), has Germany at 312 current cases per million population, compared to 579 for UK.

    Over all time, Germany has had 1190 deaths per million population compared to nearly double that for UK at 2108 deaths per million.


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