RAF exercises over Abingdon

Bob has been interested in the helicopter and aircraft activity passing over Drayton and Abingdon during the day.

He says ‘a Chinook had been flying around all day at a reasonable height (controlling?) and smaller helicopter circling at lower height with both side doors open (patrolling?).

The training is impressive, and I seem to remember a similar exercise about a year or so ago. We should all be very proud of our Armed Forces and the very varied work they do.

The exercise culminated in simulated cargo “drops” this evening. i.e. flying in at low speed with rear door open but not landing. Possibly five or six passes.’

4 thoughts on “RAF exercises over Abingdon

  1. Spike S

    Noisy ? Nothing compared to the Beverleys doing full power engine runs at 05:00 before attempting to get airborne ! Little double glazing in those days.


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