Town Centre Community Litter Pick

There was a Town Centre community litter pick on Saturday morning when lots of volunteers helped and over 30 bags of waste were collected.

The Mayor of Abingdon Cllr Cheryl Briggs was there to help.

Nicole Jones, Waitrose Community Liaison officer, helped make it happen. Waitrose supplied refreshments and joined in the litter pick, and also made a generous donation towards much needed equipment.

Thankyou To Helen for letting me know. Helen is the founder of The AbiBinit! Community Litter Picking Group.

4 thoughts on “Town Centre Community Litter Pick

  1. Michael

    That’s rich considering Waitrose are probably the source of some of the litter. They still sell over-packaged biscuits etc., fruit and vegetables in plastic packaging with hardly any changed to cardboard, sell things packaged that could be sold loose, have special offers that make packaged items cheaper than loose ones or small quantities cheaper weight for weight than larger ones, etc. etc. Sorry Waitrose – sponsoring litter picks won’t make you any greener!

    1. Chris

      Surely the source of the litter are the people who inconsiderately throw it on the ground, rather than putting it in a bin or taking it home?

  2. Janet

    I think it is a good thing that supermarkets and fast food shops sponsor litter picks. The shop at Reynolds Way south Abingdon is the source of litter in the area with cans and sweet wrappers etc strewn across the pavement. Vehicles that park there clean out their vehicles and leave the litter on the pavement. The shop would not pay for litter bins and so the council took them away now people just throw down their litter. It is a mess.

  3. Chris

    It’s generally people who litter, not supermarkets. Waitrose, along with other supermarkets, have reduced packaging and you can buy a lot of fruit, veg, dry goods without packaging. People make their own decisions, for various reasons, on whether they buy packaged or unpackaged. And yes, there’s always more to be done – but littering is down to people!


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