Peregrine Falcon, Harvest and Baptism at Trinity

Gareth, who is a keen bird watcher and works at Trinity Church, shared this picture taken by a resident in Conduit Road.

It shows a Peregrine Falcon on the steeple of Trinity Church.

In Trinity church today we had Harvest and the first Baptism since the start of lockdown. The harvest offering were not as big as usual and will be taken to the Asylum Welcome Food Bank in Oxford. The baby was carried round the church by Ian, the Minister, and slept through the whole event.

We hope the Peregrine Falcon will nest and make babies.

1 thought on “Peregrine Falcon, Harvest and Baptism at Trinity

  1. One of the Rachels

    Wow! Well spotted Gareth. It’s over 10 years since I saw one near Abingdon. Unless you’re breeding racing pigeons this could be fantastic news. I’m sure St Helen’s would also provide great nesting opportunities.


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