Fog and a Gift Market in the Guildhall

There was a foggy start to the day here in Abingdon-on-Thames. The sun and blue sky would be seen later.

The fog gave the grotto at Cosener’s House a more mysterious appearance.

At that early hour stall holders were arriving with their boxes for a Craft and Gift Market at the Guildhall. It used the Roysse Court entrance, Roysse Room, and Magistrates Court.

Entry was free.

What was interesting about this market was the efforts made to attract people to the event. ‘Ladies! Gentlemen! Come this way! Come this way!’ One man outside was like a market stall caller trying to attract people to the market. A lady went further afield with a spinning arrow device.

There were about twenty stalls and they were all quite decent. Walking through I got the feeling that the stall holders were each hoping we would buy. They were so polite and willing to please, and said thankyou when we said ‘what a lovely display’ and answered with great detail when asked how the bowl with different woods and resin was made. They also had some good lines. The soap maker from Fareham in Surrey said ‘one customer told me this was the best saving soap he had bought’. We bought a couple of things and have no complaints.

3 thoughts on “Fog and a Gift Market in the Guildhall

  1. Hester

    For those like me who missed this, there is the welcome return of the Abingdon Traditional Craft Fair on 5-7 November. There is an entry charge for this, but all profits go to the maintenance and care of the beautiful Abbey Buildings. The organisers are keen to avoid overcrowding so will manage the numbers entering in each hour and are therefore encouraging people to book tickets in advance. Tickets will still be available at the door, but people may be asked to wait for a quieter time.
    For more information and to book tickets go to

  2. Kelly Simpson

    While I appreciate the traditional craft fair raises money for a good cause, the entry charge is too high just to go in and spend more money. And they do charge the stall holders a lot.
    Yesterday’s craft market was free, with a lovely and intimate atmosphere.

  3. Hester

    Yes Kelly, quite a few people say that. Unfortunately the costs of putting on an event like the ATCF one are quite high – security, marquee hire, generator hire, advertising, the organiser’s time etc. Balancing how to split those costs between the stall holders and the customers – and leave some profit for the charity – is a challenge!

    I am glad Saturday’s event went well – it is great for people to be able to buy directly from makers and support small businesses. The more the merrier!


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