Abbey Fish Ponds – September 2021

When I visited the Abbey Fish Ponds nature reserve last week there were 20 volunteers from the Earth Trust cutting back grass, and some of the summer growth, using scythes, clippers, and rakes. At lunch time they all gathered for sandwiches.

It was a sunny day and, as I passed the ponds that are closest to the path, I could see more dragon flies than on any previous monthly visit.

They did not settle for long.

A pair were flying quite slowly together linked from tail to head.

This video shows an attempt to chase a flitting dragonfly with a camera phone.

There were still a lot of blackberries and other fruit such as these haws next to the spider’s web.

The stream, through the reserve, is culverted for a short way before emerging, under the Radley Road, into the reserve.

The stream is wider where it leaves the reserve, under Audlett Drive, having been joined by at least one spring.

5 thoughts on “Abbey Fish Ponds – September 2021

  1. Mike Faires

    Impressive photos of dragonflies using a cameraphone. Your other close-up photos are equally impressive, Well done. – as usual.

  2. Vince Noir

    I think the dragonflies you saw are Ruddy Darters! As in that is their name, I don’t mean to insult them! Howard Moon, as a zoologist, what say you?

    1. Howard Moon

      Great spot Noel! I’d agree with you on that identification, although they can bring a ruddy shock if one zooms past your head!


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