A lot of missed events

There was a lot going on today but as I was working I could not take many photographs for the blog. Before work I went to Trinity Church to set up a welcome table for Ride and Stride.

There was the official opening or the Kingfisher canoe clubhouse.

There was a pride event at St Ethelwolds.

It was the last day of the Abingdon Country Market.

There was also the Abingdon Air and Country Show. Thankyou to Gordon for the video above showing the Red Arrows flying over at 15:47. If anybody has any other pictures of any of these events, or other events I did not mention, please send them to backstreet60@gmail.com and I can add them.

After work I cleared up the table from Ride and Stride. The double sided tape took a long time to scratch off the table top.


An update from Malvin on the final Abingdon Country Market ‘this is the bakers farewell presentation from the Salvation Army Captain Alexandra Devine. We had a very good market and there was very little left.’

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