Charity Shop Fronts in September

The front of the Helen and Douglas House Charity Shop in Abingdon has been painted and it looks good.

Oxfam have a promotion called Second Hand September. They are encouraging us to give clothes a longer life and reduce waste and help people beat poverty around the world.

The pop up wedding shop in the Bury Street is selling new wedding dresses. Next door, in the British Heart Foundation, there are second hand September wedding dresses.

There are more second hand wedding dresses in Acacia.

3 thoughts on “Charity Shop Fronts in September

  1. Concerned Northener

    That looks fantastic! I have a shrew obsessed friend from Abingdon and it amazes me how much you have going on in such a nice town!

  2. Sharon Shrew

    Concerned Northerner, you are more than welcome to visit our lovely town- you probably know more about it than I do 😀


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