Old Abbey House – plans await decision

Plans were submitted for Old Abbey House to be converted into a hotel and the consultation period is over.

The original plans included a new retail building at the front near the trees. The retail building has now been removed from the plans following concerns for the trees.

Another concern is that heritage features are guaranteed before work begins.

A decision on the plans should not be far away. Meanwhile, creepers are taking over at one side.

5 thoughts on “Old Abbey House – plans await decision

  1. Jenwila

    A statement from the company who bought the building talks about a “BOUTIQUE HOTEL” – more like self service Air BnB apartments. Very disappointed in this, with removal of the cafe/shop it really is just a self service building for profit hungry developers . Council should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen .

      1. Hester

        Yes, but, having sold the property earlier this year, the Council will only be able to make futures decisions on planning grounds, which are tightly defined, not on what we (and they, maybe?) would like to see the building used for.
        However, it is clear from the application paperwork that a further request has been made to English Heritage to have the building listed and if that is successful it should provide some protection. As a “non-designated heritage asset”, it already has some degree of protection and the Conservation Officer has made a strong recommendation that the builder should be required to give detailed information about their plans for important internal features so these can be monitored for compliance.
        We must hope though that the approval process doesn’t take too long as presumably the building is still deteriorating…

  2. Daniel

    I think my plan to reinstate this roadway under the arch is still a good idea, so that traffic from Culham doesn’t need to clog the town up when travelling North or East…cars and cycles only of course. It’s an obvious solution. It will of course require a roundabout outside Fatface.


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