Support for Afghan refugees

When troops returned, after being heavily involved in Afghanistan, there were homecoming parades in Abingdon for soldiers returning to Dalton Barracks. HRH Princess Anne presented medals to the soldiers of The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) from Dalton Barracks, in May 2013.

After a Freedom March round the town she also took the salute.

Now that the Taliban are back in power, after the twenty year war, our local MP says our country should do more to help refugees. Local council Leaders from Oxfordshire and the Vale are ready to help support Afghan refugees.

Layla Moran MP has said ‘The scenes in Afghanistan have shocked us all. We can do better than take in 5,000 refugees – that is only 7 per constituency. Our starting point should be 20,000 refugees – still only 30 per constituency – and not our target. The Government must help those fleeing the Taliban.’

Councillor Liz Leffman, the leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: ‘As has been very well publicised, the situation in Afghanistan has become acute in recent days and there is a clear requirement for authorities at local, regional and national level to respond quickly.

At Oxfordshire County Council we will do all we can to support those in need. We already know that the people of Oxfordshire are keen to provide support as many have come forward with generous offers of help. We will work with district council colleagues and community organisations to co-ordinate this goodwill and generosity.’

Vale of White Horse District Council leader, Emily Smith, said ‘As a local housing authority, Vale of White Horse District Council can provide assistance locally to people over the age of 18 arriving in the UK who have been granted refugee status, subject to the availability of the necessary resources in the district. The Vale has previously supported six Syrian families to successfully resettle in the area… As a council and a district, we will work with local partners to put plans place to support those from Afghanistan who are granted refugee status in the UK.’

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  1. Colin

    Maybe Layla could focus on getting the diamond interchange sorted….then the refugees would have easier access to their new houses in North Abingdon


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