Theme Day – Tools

The picture shows a vintage Abingdon adjustable wrench spanner, and an advert for the same.

Abingdon Works Ltd halted motorcycle production in 1932 to concentrate on their range of tools. They changed their name in 1945 to Abingdon King Dick as all their tools were King Dick tools. King Dick tools are still made in the Abingdon Works in Birmingham.

The spanner and advert are shown against a carpet from Abingdon Flooring, based in Bradford.

The town of Abingdon should receive royalties.

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2 thoughts on “Theme Day – Tools

  1. rudi

    i’d love to buy one of these so i could visit my friends and invite them to marvel at my king dick 🙂 (!)

  2. ian D

    The use of the name ‘Abingdon’ comes simply from a desire to be first in the tools catalogue ABC (the buyers internet of the day) – a bit like ‘Aardvark Skips’ in phone books in later years!!!


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