Allen’s snowy Trinity and link to Abingdon Winter 1963

Allen sent in this picture of Trinity for the URC Calendar.

One of the most interesting photographic records of Abingdon in the 1950s and 60s has pictures of the winter of 1963 in Abingdon. They can be seen at Pictures are by Bernard Loach and Martin. The site is dedicated to telephone exchange equipment and early TV transmission equipment and aerials, and Abingdon.

On the left hand menu you can see among the electronics:
* Abingdon, 1950s
* Abingdon Ock Street Michaelmas Fair – Irvins setup
* 1960s Destruction of Abingdon
* Aerial Views of Abingdon taken in the early 1980s
* Abingdon Winter 1963
* Abingdon Lantern Slides
* Abingdon Miscellaneous

4 thoughts on “Allen’s snowy Trinity and link to Abingdon Winter 1963

  1. PPJS

    What a winter that was! I was part of a group in their late teens and early twenties on a weekend houseparty during which we built an igloo that a dozen of us scrambled into. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Geoffrey Bailey

    As a pupil at Roysses we were asked to clear the iced pavements between the school entrance and Bath Street. I doubt if they would allow that today.


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