Quick catch up

A new coffee outlet has opened in what was the TSB Bank. Missing Bean have been in Oxford since 2009 and they have now opened in Abingdon and will also open in Banbury. They are an independent company who work directly with farmers and pay a fair price for the coffee they produce. They also roast their own coffee in East Oxford.

Nightlife has returned to Abingdon with pubs and restaurants open inside since May 21st.

The museum has also re-opened. Bookings can be made at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/visit-abingdon-museum-tickets-112962584130.

The Abingdon town flag is flying at half mast on the County Hall roof. The town council web site says that Mrs Rhoda (Sue) Crane has passed away at the age of 95. She served as the Mayor of Abingdon in 1993/94.

The Local Excellence Market was on yesterday (Saturday), with the zero-waste coffee event.

There were also some stalls on the Market Place today (unusual for Sunday).

The hoarding round Old Abbey House has been painted blue.

P.S. We were away for much of May and this is a quick catch up of things noticed today.

5 thoughts on “Quick catch up

  1. Geoffrey Bailey

    As I used to be a TSB customer wii be interesting to see new coffee shop. What does Zero-waste mean Backstreeter?

  2. Mark Hargreaves

    Interesting. New coffee shop…..local Oxfordshire business. Good Wonder how much they will charge for a coffee….no clue on the website. That suggests to me that it might be a bit rich for my taste. Best of luck to them, though.

  3. GRJ

    Pity they didn’t demolish that eyesore of a building. The photo shows it’s best side. Hard to believe it was allowed to be built between those two historic buildings

    1. Chris Lee

      I was going to say the same thing. Welcome to Abingdon. Home of charity shops, coffee shops and Turkish barbers. who needs anything else?


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